Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Righty Then

Well, hello there.

1. I did not know I was supposed to be one of the authors of this new blog.

2. No one is reading this.

3. Quirky is a dead word. Everyone in L.A. said so.

4. "Very Good" in Latin would be something along the lines of "multa bona," but I'd have to dig out my dictionary to be sure.

Okay, let's write a post then.

I don't like current popular music. I just don't. Occasionally I'll turn to a top 40 radio station and it gives me a headache and makes me plug my ears and scream. I don't like hip-hop, I don't like rap, I don't like American Idol-esque pop singers, I don't like screamo. I just don't like any of it.

What I do like:

The Clancy Brothers
The Kingston Trio
Early American Folk Music
Irish Dance Music
Ella Fitzgerald
Christian Rock

I do have a few CDs by bands that are actually still alive and making music, but even those aren't exactly what you'd hear on the radio or at your average high school dance.

I don't know how to explain this fascination with obscure music. I really don't. Put on some the latest album by some big pop singer (I can't even come up with a name, that's how out of that loop I am) and I want to go wrap up in my fuzzy pink blanket and hide for awhile. But give me the Boston Camerata CD of Revolutionary War era songs, and I'm good. I don't get it. It's just the way I am.

There you go.

--Melissa J.

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