Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm only posting this to avoid my homework

I can't wait until i get to college physics classes. The people there won't know what hit them. I'm currently in AP physics C. For those of you that don't know what it means, i'm effectively in my second year of college physics. In one year i'll be sitting in a physics lecture at who knows what university. I can see it now. Of course, no teacher i ever have will be as great as Bellomy. There isn't a more effective teacher than him. It's thanks to him that a good chunk of us will enter the world thinking all things go faster than 30 m/s. My physics friend paul described it perfectly.

"We'll be sitting in college working on some physics problem and then suddenyl, oh it's motorcycle riding pig problem."

There's also the robert Bellomy school of driving problems, and long drop sudden stop problems, and infamous chicken river problem. The poor B students couldn't figure out the chicken river problem this year. But i have to give them credit, the did come up with the ameoba-moose. I find this much more creative than the zombie chicken we came up with last year.

Yes this is Bellomy's physics class. There are giant bears dropping from space, and baby ignats sliding down hills, Bellomy himself being shot out of cannons, or in the case of today, catapulted onto ledges, there are soccer players that drive you nuts, and zeros are your friend while friction is the devil.

well i think we might have a physics test tomorrow, so i'm going to go study now.

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